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 Via these hacks, we gain access to Kinect's cameras (color and depth), LED, accelerometer and motor. Obtaining both the raw and the depth. Once the NI mate installation is complete plug in the Kinect and start NI mate. To use NI mate you should choose the "Kinect Motor" driver without the. Error with Preparing led message: Invalid Xiron USB device handle. You must definitely know the Kinect (formerly Natal Project)? built around the libfreenect driver which offering an APIs to control the motor, the. The green Led will begin flashing and Windows will begin installing the device. How To Control Your Windows PC With Kinect. How To Control Your Windows PC With Kinect. If not, try to install the driver manually by running the dp-inst files from the Driver directory. Todo: 1) Add motor & led control. 2) Add windows 8 support - it's not. When the Kinect drivers are installed on a Windows-based PC, a Kinect that is. It will be minimally functional and light the LED, but it must be connected to an. In simple terms OpenNI and SensorKinect are the drivers that help to access. You should be able to see Kinect Audio,Camera & Motor when you expand. Ensure that kinect is connected properly ( Led blinking on kinect). If for any reason the auto installation doesn't work use the Device Manager to update the drivers for the Kinect Motor and Kinect Camera (if you. Choose a Framework and Driver · Install OpenNI, SensorKinect, and NITE for. If you're interested in motor control, however, go with libfreenect; OpenNI with. The driver is installed, you should notice that the green LED on the Kinect sensor. Now regardless of what I do, I can only get a motor driver to install. Of the Kinect, not even the supply'w adaptor led lights up, so Drew is right.