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 His first Let's Play was Earthbound, which he started in March of 2008, and from. Mega Man 2 (April Fools 2009), Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen, Super Mario. Thumb|link=File:Chuggaaconroyface. Paper Mario, and Pokemon Fire Red until his first non RPG let's play Super Mario Sunshine came. This is Chuggaaconroy's team when he played Pokemon Fire Red back in. This reminded me I need to rewatch Chugga's Fire Red let's play. Pokémon FireRed is Chugga's 7 Let's Play, this LP has 62 videos and the time length is 9 hours. Let's Play 7 - Pokemon FireRed LeafGreen. Chuggaaconroy Fire Red Trainer Card by PigmaskMajor120 Chuggaaconroy Fire Red. Chuggaaconroy (real name: Emile Rosales-Birou) is a Let's Player with over 1. Pokémon FireRed (GBA); Super Mario Sunshine (GameCube); The Legend of. The Let's Play Archive is a collection of entertaining video game playthroughs of all genres and styles.